Poarch Training Systems

Diagnostic tools

INSIGHTS MDI® is a diagnostic system which measures personality profiles as well as situational requirement profiles. Hence, the potential analysis form an efficient basis for personnel selection - for profound career profiles, personnel and team development as well as a firm basis and knowledge in regards to adequate communication with your employees, customers and partners. The INSIGHTS MDI® profiles profiles provide you with a holistic insight into the complexity of human behaviour and potential development. The profiles show, how we act in work and stress situations and they give us valuable insights of our natural behavioural style and adapted professional behavioural style. They measure our value structures, our personal motivators and explain why our behaviour is the way it is.


ASSESS® Systems is an in-depth diagnostic procedure for assessment of managers and professionals developed and established by Bigby, Havis & Associates. This instrument has a web-based platform and hence can be applied worldwide. ASSESS® is available in 14 different languages, the German version is exclusively distributed with accredited partners throughout the world.

The ASSESS® instrument is based on an extensive questionnaire with 345 questions and evaluates the characteristics of 24 personality dimensions. These personality characteristics are natural respectively innate characteristics, which are rather consistent and have a long-term impact on the entire personality. The ASSESS® method refers to the empiric approach of personality instruments, which are based on characteristics.

Worldwide renowned procedures, guaranteed by numerous validation studies, such as the Guildford Zimmerman Temperament Survey, the DF Opinion Survey or the Big Five

Model, are the scientific basis for the ASSESS® models. ASSESS® constitutes a validated enhanced development and adaption of these instruments for business professionals. The data generated by the questionnaire in a computer-based evaluation process, is measured by an extensive normative database. In this context, the system offers the possibility to generate according comparison groups individually for the position and task of the candidate. Based on the measured results (in percentage) the system generates an individual report, which is available online immediately.